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The band was formed in May, 1981 as the Summertime Pops Band by Peter Murray. The original intent of the group was as an outdoor summer performance ensemble so that members of other community bands could play through the summer.  It was to be a summer-only group which disbanded every fall and allowed players to return to their “home” groups.  The Summertime Pops Band was very busy that first summer, with concerts every weekend (sometimes twice in a weekend!) at parks and various venues throughout the lower mainland.  The summer-only aspect of the group lasted for a few years, but many of the players wanted the group to carry on year-round, and we have been together through the year ever since.

In the late 80’s our name was changed to the Metropolitan Concert Band to reflect the fact that our membership is drawn from all over the Lower Mainland, as opposed to being a locally-based band, and also to change the summer band aspect of the group.

In late 1996, Dan Hearty, a music teacher and a founding member of the group, began conducting the band as Peter Murray’s health failed;  the change was made permanent when Peter passed away in March 1997.

The Metro Band’s main performing season is still the summer,  performing at several different outdoor venues all around the Lower Mainland every year from May into September.  Check out our gallery for some concert pictures. The band's repertoire has expanded from its original mandate of ‘pop’ tunes and Broadway medleys to a broad range of music that generally challenges and satisfies both players and audiences.

Our membership is made up of players of all ages, and while our instrumentation is generally fairly balanced, we are always looking for new faces;  a newcomer will find a friendly and welcoming reception and a satisfying musical experience.

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